Information on Carolyn's Speaking Engagements

"My goal is to encourage women to walk closer to God, so that they can experience the fullness of life that He promises."

Carolyn is an actress and experienced speaker with a God-given passion for ministering to women. She has spoken at conferences and retreats around the United States, Canada and India.

Some recent message topics include:

Now What, God?
I'm over 50, the kids are gone, my knees are gone, but I'm not ready for the rocking chair, so how can I serve You now? It's a process to discover "who" you are in the transitions of life.

Standing on Thin Ice
Sometimes God allows our foundations in life to shift - taking many things away. How do you survive when the job is gone, people you love are taken and it seems like there is nothing left to hang on to? That's when you learn that God is steady, constant, unchanging... and all you really need.

Everybody Wants It
A look at love... so simple... but we make it so complicated. Beginning with God's love for us and how we receive it and pass it along to others.

Beauty Queen
A look at the woman God desires each of us to be. Hint... He doesn't care so much about your hairstyle, fashion sense or pedicures. He cares a bunch more about what's on the inside - heart beauty.

Stop the Madness!
How easy is it to get consumed by the "doing" and miss the "being?" Carolyn shares what she learned about being a Christian through the process of reconnecting with her brother, sharing Christ with him, and becoming a real sister to him before he died. This is a joy-filled message that challenges the listener to examine the busyness in her life.


Carolyn is also happy to develop messages to fit with your conference or retreat themes. Contact her >>>

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