My Story

I love books. I love the way some writers put words together that make my imagination run free. My mother said I always had a book with me when I was growing up. According to her I even had one tucked under my arm when I was playing center field on the softball team. I think I read every book in my small hometown library. Well, maybe not EVERY book, but I do love books because I love stories.

Who knew that I’d be writing books one day? It was never in my plan. I sort of planned on moving to Hollywood to be the next Lucille Ball. Yeah, that didn’t work out.

I grew up in a small Missouri town where I was related to people on nearly every block. We kids stayed outside til after dark, catching lightning bugs, playing hide and seek and, as we got older, sat together talking about our dreams as we gazed at the stars. Looking back, it was an idyllic childhood.

In my 16thyear I went to Youth for Christ camp with a group of friends and came home with a new Friend for life because I accepted Jesus as my Savior. The decades since that summer day have had ups and downs, joys and sorrows but always the constancy of His patience and love in my life. 

Faith doesn’t come easily to me. My husband says that I fight my way to faith. But, I always get there and after I’ve examined Scriptures, struggled to trust, turned an issue over and around to understand, my faith is stronger than ever. God’s patience and grace has been evident as He has given me opportunities to speak, write and perform and share how His story and ours intersect. I’m humbled and grateful by His trust. I believe it’s important to each share our stories about life, faith, parenting, friending, working, praying, crying, laughing ...everything! God has put us in community to help and encourage one another. 

I can tell you that on this site I will share stories of courage, struggles, doubts, faith, questions and answers all wrapped in the truth of God’s goodness because I believe He is good – even in the hard times, no, especially in the hard times. And, I hope you’ll reciprocate and share your stories with me because sharing our lives makes us stronger. 

Here’s the scoop on who I am now – wife to my encouraging, loving husband, mom to three wonderful children and grandmother to four absolutely-the-best grandchildren. I love old movies, good books, thoughtful theater, lunching with friends where we share our stories, laugh and sometimes cry. Community with Christian brothers and sisters. It’s the best.

Carolyn Larsen, author

Carolyn Larsen, author